Real Estate Brokerage Services

The experienced professionals at the C.S. Nelson Co. can assist you in marketing all types of real estate. Chris, Jeff, Tammy, Donna, Karen, Mark, Jennifer and Scott have over 120 combined years of experience in the valuation and marketing of homes, acreages, land and commercial / industrial properties. Their expertise and market experience produces the greatest level of buyer interest, minimizes marketing time and eliminates the all too common frustration, which often needlessly occurs during the selling process. Their ability to market your property using up-to-date techniques gives their sellers a competitive edge over those using standard and often obsolete methods.

If you are interested in selling property, contact us for a consultation appointment. We can quickly provide a no-cost, no-obligation market value analysis of your real estate. We can then answer any questions you may have regarding the buying and selling process, so you are better informed if you are contemplating a real estate transaction. Unfortunately, not all properties will qualify for our sales portfolio, but we will be able to determine if your property meets our criteria for marketing during our initial consultation.

If you are interested in buying property contact us regarding any of our listed properties or properties listed by other agencies. We are active members of the Columbus Multiple Listing Service; so receive information on all local properties listed for sale. We also have information on properties which are available, but are not being actively marketed.

Leasing is a special area of expertise for us. Should you desire to lease your real estate to a tenant, we will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan for you. We can assure commercial, multi-family and farm real estate owners that maximum lease values are attained while simultaneously achieving optimum occupancy levels for each specific property.

Property Management Services

The C.S. Nelson Co. offers a comprehensive real estate management program for property owners who wish to eliminate the day-to-day responsibilities of investment property ownership. Our recommendations improve operating efficiency, and will assure a maximum rate of return from your real estate investment.

To maximize the value of a specific property, a strategic plan based on property-specific or portfolio goals must be implemented. We begin the management process by interviewing the property owner to determine individual goals. A complete study of the property and its relationship to the market is then performed. Following this two-stage process, a strategic management plan can then be devised and implemented. These plans can include a suggested optimum tenant mix, marketing recommendations, advertising and promotional recommendations, repositioning of the real estate, capital improvements planning and hold / sell recommendations.

Our track record in marketing leased property to tenants and then carefully monitoring the performance of each specific property assures maximum potential rewards for the absent owner / landlord. If you own investment real estate, and are considering professional property management, please give us a call. We would be happy to analyze your property, review your needs and develop a management plan which will maximize the return on your investment. While not all properties will qualify for our management portfolio, we will be able to determine if your property meets our criteria for management during our initial consultation.